you just have visited personal web pages of LAMP (Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP) technology fan and professional, web development (desktop, mobile) enthusiast and Java and PERL applications development explorer.
I have started with programming of web applications since 2008. Programming under LAMP was my free-time activity. I used to work only for my friends. Originally, I am chemist and environmentalist. But later my hobby has changed into profession. This site is build based on my knowledges from programming of internet applications.
What you can find here?
In section blog I will be publishing different solutions to various problems, with whom I met and I would like to share. You can add comment under every article. I am looking forward to see interesting suggestions, or tips on how to solve the problem otherwise. Some articles are in Slovak language, but I will try to write primarily in English.
"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest." Benjamin Franklin
You can contact me by email. In section portfolio you can see on what I was working. This site is designed for non-commercial purposes. Read more in terms of use.
Currently I work in Azet as webdeveloper. Currently I work in Azet. Azet is internet/software company, which is developing the most visited Slovak Internet portal. I am developing big news and magazines portals in one of Azet departments like,,,, and many others.